All you need to know are these three buttons.


All you need to know are these three buttons.


A quick look at some of the projects I’ve done.

“In the actual editing of a scene, I will keep on working until I can no longer ‘see myself’ in the material… where I can look at the scene and say, ‘I didn’t have anything to do wit that- it just created itself”. – Walter Murch

As editors we are asked to offer a richer cinematic experience, I have (as a plus) additional postproduction skills that I add to my offline process. Those are Color Grading, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Sound Design. I’m not an expert on all of them, but It allows me to sell the cut and show what works. Leave less things to the imagination and add another layer of creativity. Plus it makes postproduction collaboration even deeper. I don’t offer those skills separately,  I just add them as a storytelling device in service of the editing. To tell the story more effectively when is necessary. 

So click on the images below to visit those sections.

Editor with a plus on color grading

Editor with a plus on motion graphics

Editor with a plus on visual effects

Editor with a plus on sound design

“You have to work tiredly with a great attitude don’t take criticism personally, understand that everything is about the movie not about you, it’s about making the movie better. sometimes people can say things to hurt your feelings, you have to take it with a smile in your face and use that energy to make the movie better. If you are trying to be an editor, is so great now with technology you can take all kind of stuff with a non expensive editing system and just start cutting things…start working with picture and sound, music, sound fx. And just keep doing it”. 
-William Goldenberg, Editor