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Editor + Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is a good taste art form, associated with graphic design, animation and an elegant way to explain certain subjects. We can use them for all kind of things like trailers, credit sequences, lower thirds, animations alone and many others. It is not a must have ability as an editor, but definitively it is very useful to have it.


Here is a quick look to a bunch of projects I have done. My skill is not bad, however I do not devote my life to it. It’s only a supporting skill for me.


These videos are entirely MG animations, after all, this section is all about that… Other uses are demonstrated on the reel that is above.


Motion graphics can support the main live action footage. First of all, anything that requires a title on it… like lower thirds, the program or movie title, trailer screens, transitions, etc.

Also, it is useful to add some motion graphics as a broll animation to support what is said. And sometimes, it also blends with visual effects to create interfaces and that kind of stuff.


As a stand alone device is good to explain some topics, to illustrate a point better or just to create a title sequence or some sophisticated credits. I’ve done many animations, but I have never illustrated. I just take the assets and do my best.

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