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Editor with a plus on Sound Design


I do not consider myself a sound designer (this is not a substitution). However, the skill is becoming very important and requested. On my personal opinion, sound is ONE of the factors that separate professional editors from amateurs.

I consider it very important. My way to honor that, is to think about sound while constructing a sequence. So the movie can be empowered by a sound professional later on.

“I spent a lot of time trying to discover those key sounds that bring universes along with them. I tend not to visualize but auralize, to think about sound in terms of space. Rather than listen to the sound itself, I listen to the space in which the sound is contained”.


Here are some examples without any formal sound editing or sound mixing. This is just a demonstration right from the NLE.
Of course, this can be redundant because people on the industry do not expect anything less from us.

The tone and atmosphere of the scene is important, it’s like glue for the picture. Also, it’s important for me to be in touch with the sound department, historically some of them have complimented me by saying things like “You have make me recover my faith on editors”.

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